Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Personalized Employee Benefit Statements in HTML5 format + Pricing

We can now create employee Benefit and Total Compensation statements in HTML5, at no additional charge.

So, delivery options for benefit statements now include:
  1. Full color, digital printing, to include duplex.  In fact, we can do this as a standalone service at $0.60 per duplexed document.  Example, a employee benefit statements for 1,000 employees (2-sided (duplexed)) would be $600 + shipping. Lest there be a misunderstanding, we'd need to receive a spooled pdf in order to print.  This is extremely competitive pricing and far below market (yes, we've checked).  This 'printing only' service is available for any project, as long as you have a pdf.
  2. Receive as a spooled pdf, with the additional option to receive as a named and personalized pdf.  Example - a 2,000 page spooled pdf (1,000 employees with 2 pdf pages per employee), could be split into 1,000 individual pdfs, named like (example): '11756_JDoe', where the '11756' woulld represent the employee id and the 'JDoe' would be the first initial of first name, concatenated with the employee last name.  We charge $.05 per employee for this splitting procedure., but assuming we also print, we do not charge more for the spooled (all employee pdf).
  3. Zip file of all employees as html5.  (example of one employee benefit statement in html5 format found here).  Assuming we print, there is not additional charge for this service, which is delivered as a zip file).  If individual zip files with all html5 assets are desired, then we charge $0.10 per employee.
If you have additional needs, such as combining multiple pdfs or creating an editable SVG based on an existing pdf, let us know.  This is not an uncommon need when the pdf is still available, but the old source file has been lost or the software is no longer supported.  Once we build the SVG, the SVG can become the new source file for the creation of the pdf.  In addition, variable data can be added and you will have essentially created a personalized communication with only nominal effort.

So call us or contact us at the Personalization & Employee Communications website.

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