Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Employee Benefit Statement Template looks like this

Here is an example of a fairly simple Employee Benefit Statement Template, in SVG form. The data and the Pie Chart were 'left behind' as data is merged into the Template at the time of 'print'. 'Print' could mean either the spooling of a pdf or the creation of html. This Total Compensation Template was created online at Vectoriole: the SVG Editor, Data Integrator and PDF Creator. Notice that the SVG automatically scales into its allotted space on this blog. Now, imagine Personalized SVG for all of your employees. By summer, you won't need to imagine. SVG Templates are available right now at HR and Employee Communications. Created with VectOriole Employee Benefit Statement Template Dear $F{first}, Direct Compensation can be further 'divided' into the two categories displayed below. On the Job Pay Base Wages Company Education Overtime On Call Clinical Ladder Add On Earnings SubTotal Paid Time Off PTO Holidays Bereavement Jury Duty SubTotal Direct Compensation On the Job Pay plus Paid Time Off equals your Direct Compensation. * Dental * Vision ** 401(k) Match ** Profit Sharing * Employee Assistance Program, Appreciation Events & Uniform * Healthcare * Disability & Workers' Comp * Life Insurance * HSA * Flexible Spending Account ** Social Security/Medicare ** Education Reimbursement Direct Compensation Other Benefits Total Compensation Package ** Precise Value * Estimated Value As we strive toward our goal of Taking Care of You So That You Can Take Care of Others, we are constantly reviewing our compensation and benefits package to promote financial security for you and your family. We are pleased to provide your Total Compensation Statement for 2015. Your personalized statement provides you with a detailed overview of your total compensation package. We encourage you to review this statement carefully and keep it for future reference. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Human Resources Department at 123-45-6789. We greatly value your contribution to our mission at NCOH. Thank you for all that you do! As an NCOH employee, your total compensation package includes much more than your take home pay. In fact, total compensation includes paid time off such as vacation and holidays, unseen contributions for life, health and disability, plus other significant contributions for retirement, social security and special programs. This statement is an estimate of the value of your total compensation as of 12/31/2015 and includes NCOH's annualized cost for benefits based on your elections as of 12/1/2015. This statement has been specially prepared for: On the Job Pay Other Benefits Paid Time Off Value % of Total $F{dir_comp} $F{base_wage} $F{comp_ed} $F{ot} $F{oncall} $F{clin_ladr} $F{addon_earn} $F{otj_pay} $F{otj_pay} $F{otj_pay} $F{tottimeoff} $F{ptopay} $F{hol_pay} $F{bereav} $F{jury_pay} $F{dir_comp} $F{h_care} $F{dental} $F{vsn} $F{hsa} $F{fsa} $F{life} $F{di_wc} $F{eap_other} $F{match_401} $F{ps_cont} $F{ss_med} $F{ed_reim} $F{pctotj} $F{pctpto} $F{pctoth} $F{tottimeoff} $F{tottimeoff} $F{oth_ben_tot} $F{t_comp} $F{full} Other Benefits Total $F{oth_ben_tot} $F{oth_ben_tot} N O H C North Carolina Outstanding Hospital employee_benefit_statement_template.svg

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